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Hord Farms West, LLP



About Us

The Hord family is in its 5th generation of family farming, with over 100 years of farming heritage. Our family has agricultural roots in Ohio, but welcomed a group of talented team of individuals and growing partners in Minnesota in 2023. Collectively, we are Hord Farms. West of the Mississippi, we are: Hord Farms, West. We have one goal together: to feed families through sustainable food production.

We are a team of agriculturalists, farmers, animal herdsmen, and consumers producing food.

Pigs are our main thing. We raise our pigs from birth to market, and feed them a wholesome diet consisting primarily of corn and soybeans. Our feed may also include grains such as wheat or barley, and has vitamins and minerals added to balance dietary requirements for each stage of growth.

The pigs are born in a birthing barn, where each sow (mother pig) has individual quarters to birth her piglets and to adequately provide nourishment for her young. At around three weeks of age, the pigs are weaned from the sow and placed in a nursery with other piglets their age.

After outgrowing the nursery, the pigs take a ride to the growing barn, where they are happy to roam their pens and eat freely until they reach market weight. We have a dedicated team of talented individuals and growing partners who provide the expertise, care and dedication to each part of the process in our mission to: feed families through sustainable food production.


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