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Pipestone A's Amateur Baseball


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About Us

The Pipestone A's are a member of the Gopher League. Join us at A's Field in Westview Park on 2nd Street NW, North of Paulsen Field on West MN Hwy 30. If interested in Playing A's baseball please contact the manager Jordan Karels or text 507-215-1808.

A's baseball is just around the corner folks. We have some big new things this year for 2021 including our 1st Annual Pepsi Invitational! Registered teams include four from last year's Minnesota State Tournament and SD's


2021 Schedule
1st Annual Pepsi Invitational - June 4-6, 2021
2020 Concession Menu
Team Photo 2019
Homann hurling to Adrian 2020-06-26 (photo by Erica Volkir)
New Seats from Camden Yards 2020-06-28 (photo by Erica Volkir)
Loyal Fans enjoying the Home Opener and New Concession Stand (photo by Erica Volkir)
Burgers & Beverages at the New Concession Stand (photo by Erica Volkir)
Grandstand & New Concession Stand 2020 (photo by Erica Volkir)
Luke Tinklenberg drives the ball for the Pipestone A's 2020 (photo by Erica Volkir)

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