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About Us

A successful pig business operates at its highest profitability when Nutrition, Health, Management, Marketing and Business are working together correctly.

The challenges and speed of business that independent producers face today are different than the generations before them.

It’s our passion for animal care and drive to create the farms of tomorrow has led us to create new service offerings throughout the years for pork producers.

What started as a small town veterinary clinic in 1942, is now the largest swine veterinary clinic in the United States.

The world-class sow management company, Pipestone System, was formed in 1990 and today proudly manages over 70 sow farms for 450 family farmers across the Midwest.

Production-driven research, nutrition, record keeping, and marketing services were all molded to support the independent family farmer and our mission of Helping Farmers Today Create the Farms of Tomorrow.

Today, Pipestone is proudly helping over 1,500 pig farmers by providing resources and expertise in Health, Management, Research, Business, Nutrition, & Marketing.

Effective 1/01/21: All Companion Animal and Bovine services in Pipestone, MN will be transferred to Windy Ridge Veterinary Clinic at 507-825-3336.

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Main Office at 1300 S Hwy 75 just south of the Pipestone Municipal Airport


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Founded in 1942 as a veterinary clinic, PIPESTONE has stayed true to its mission of Helping Farmers Today Create the Farms of Tomorrow. For hog producers, PIPESTONE offers its world-class sow management services through its 70+ sow farms, nutrition, record keeping, marketing, and veterinary services. PIPESTONE services its companion animal customers, bovine producers, and swine producers across more
Phone:(507) 825-4211
Fax:(507) 825-3140

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