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Chamber's Fall-tastic Decorating Contest Winners

Congratulations to the 2023 Pipestone Area Chamber's Fall-tastic Decorating Contest Winners! Thank you to EVERYONE who entered the contest!

1st Place:  Pipestone County Home Health & Hospice (309 10th St SW)
2nd Place:  PIPESTONE - Helping Farmers (Annex Bldg - 1801 Forman Drive)
3rd Place:  Meulebroeck, Taubert & Co. (216 E Main St)
4th Place:  Windy Ridge Veterinary Clinic (1309 7th St SE)

1st Place:  Bob Klinsing (727 6th Ave SW)
2nd Place:  Jennifer & James Skyberg Family (808 3rd Ave SE)
3rd Place:  Theresa & Rich Stangle Family (401 W Main St)
4th Place:  Samantha Alleckson Family (302 7th St SW)

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